Another Road Trip

Today we headed down to Wollongong so that fave human could do a photo shoot for his book. His project captures tasteful nude photos of participants doing what they do to help their depression.

I’ve been dabbling in opening scenes for book 2. I destroyed a city and slaughtered an entire army, and it still doesn’t feel quite right. I’ll get there though.

Todays trip hopefully gave me some good inspiration to help get over that first chapter hurdle.

It was a 3 hour drive each way, but worth it. Wollongong is a beautiful place, and great to recharge my inspo batteries.

I found a few of these washed up in the sand. Bluebottle jellyfish – not deadly, but stings like buggery. One of the many reasons I don’t swim at the beach.

The countdown is on, not long until launch day. I flicked through my printed copy and found 2 typos, so I’ve decided to read it one more time and correct any boo boos before I get the books printed.

I’m a bit frustrated. I paid a lot for the editing, which was to include proofreading, but they missed way too much. I think that’s the last time I use editing services on Fiverr.

November 9th = launch day, watch this space!

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