Where have I been?

I must admit my posting schedule has slipped a bit. Between now and February, my work gets hectic with the Christmas rush, and as the boss, I tend to get swamped. Therefore I may not be posting as much as before.

So what have I been doing book-wise?

I received the second print copy last week, and must say I’m super proud. The margins are much better, the book titles and section titles at the top of the page are in the correct order, and the maps line up / are set up properly.

You can imagine my chagrin when I read a random scene in the good copy, to find…..a typo!!

I flipped back to the start, and right there, I used the wrong word – bellowed instead of billowed when referring to smoke *facepalm*. I feel like my editor made my ms worse than the state I finished in.

And so I have been reading my own book from start to finish, doing one final proofread, and boy did I find a lot of errors!

Last night I started transferring the changes to the InDesign files, and I will hopefully have them finished by lunch time so I can re-upload the file to IngramSpark. I had planned to do this yesterday, but I had to go into work on my day off. Not happy.

This is my last chance to make any changes before I do my bulk order, so I’m kinda scared that I’ll break something and the final product will come out wrong.

The other thing I’ve been working on is building my platform. I have almost 3,000 followers on Twitter, mostly other writers and readers. The #WritingCommunity has been nothing but amazing, and I have found some great support there 🙂

Twitter has become the platform I use the most, and is where I tweet a lot of updates and interact with other writers. If you don’t follow me already, look me up 🙂

Don’t forget, launch date is 9th November. You can preorder from this site, or preorder the ebook on Amazon.

Angus & Robertson may also be distributing my book, much to my surprise. I googled ‘Amy-Alex Campbell reviews’ and saw the listing for A&R. I was like…WTF are they doing with my book?? Then I found out that they are one of IngramSpark’s distribution partners.

12 days to go folks. May you forever hold Am in your hearts.

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